Evaluate Paul’s Teachings in Relation to the Extent and Significance of Change and the Continuing Impact Today

Topics: Christianity, New Testament, Judaism Pages: 3 (777 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Evaluate Paul’s teachings in relation to the extent and significance of change and the continuing impact today.

Paul’s teachings have been most significant in the change they have created, and they continue to have an extensive impact on Christianity today. Paul challenged the status of Jews, as God’s ‘chosen’ ones, and this changed the course of Christianity. He played a crucial role in establishing Churches and developing Christian communities in places such as Corinth, Galatia, Ephesus, and Phillipi, and his theology was accepted by early Christian communities and laid foundations for later developments in theology. Paul’s teaching have a continuing impact today, for modern day Christians have inherited his theology. His teachings gives guidelines on an ethical way of life, have been used by various groups to support their arguments and were central in the reformation.

Paul was an innovator and interpreter, responsible for finding new or different meanings for new contexts. The extent of the change he implemented was extensive and its significance was enormous. Paul argued that salvation was for all, and challenged the Jewish notion of being “God’s chosen ones.” This saw a dramatic shift from Rabbinic Judaism, and his most significant impact was made at the council of Jerusalem, where Christianity became distinct to Judaism. Paul had great influence in his setting up and ministering of the gentile Church, and shaped the trajectory that Christianity took. Paul also presented a major shift in theological thinking. Jesus had been a reformer, but had no intention of moving beyond the boundaries of Judaism. Paul, on the other hand, was introducing a new set of ideas to the gentiles, including his beliefs on Christology, Eucharist, Ethical living, Salvation, Grace and Ecclesiology. This theology was adopted by the early Christian communities and was also to play a most significant role in later developments in theology, and in the Reformation, a great period...
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