Evaluate the Benefits to Be Gained by Using Drama in the Primary Classroom as: a) Methodology B) a Subject in Its Own Rights C) an Assessment Strategy

Topics: Psychology, Education, Primary school Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Evaluate the benefits to be gained by using drama in the Primary classroom as: a)Methodology
b)A subject in its own rights
c)An assessment strategy
Drama is an important device of educational experience which should be available to all students in Primary schools. Richard Courtney, a professional in the area of drama in education defines drama as, “The human process whereby imaginative thought becomes action, drama is based on internal empathy and identification, and leads to external impersonation”. Courtney believes also that “life is a drama” and humans are always acting and improvising. With this being said, using drama as a methodology is very beneficial to students, as according to Dales cone of experience students learn better by doing, and what better medium for this to be done than through dramatization? Hence, if teachers understand the meaning and purpose of drama when using drama as a methodology the benefits are numberless. There are two main benefits to be derived from using drama as a method of education in the Primary school these are self-actualization and emotional or personal development. Firstly, Self-actualization which may be defined as fulfilling one’s individual potential allows students to work together and to share responsibility for their own development and that of others. This is the main objective of education and also continues throughout life. A wealth of confidence can be gained through Drama, yet behind it lies self- acceptance, which has a quiet but profound effect on self -esteem. Drama allows children to explore and express a range of emotions and by doing so it can really open up children and young people to new experiences, helping them to gain a better understanding of themselves and the world as well as their place in it. In exploring Drama, they are essentially exploring themselves their qualities and individuality, their potential and possibilities. They are learning life skills and building up the courage and...
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