Exegetical Paper on 1 John 5:13-21

Topics: New Testament, Jesus, Love Pages: 3 (2173 words) Published: November 6, 2014
An Exegetical Paper on 1 John 513-21 By Joseph G. Austin Presented to Dr. Steve Waechter August 10, 2014 Hermeneutics NBST 610 LUO Summary Statement 1 John 513-21 Johns exhortation in 1 John 513-21 is to fellow believers that our wills and purposes are to be one with God which is to bring Gods forgiveness and eternal life to others.. Outline Introduction Context Historical Context of 1 John Literary Context of 1 John God is Light (15 228) God is Love (31 512) God is Life (513-21) Content Exhortation on Eternal Life and Our Confidence in Prayer (vss 13-15) Knowing Our Eternal Life Comes From Believing in Jesus Christ (v.13). Knowing That God Hears Our Prayers (v.14). Knowing That When God Hears Us He Answers Our Prayer (v.15). Exhortation on Prayer Against Sin (1 John 516-17). Praying for the Believer Who Has Sinned after Repentance (v.16). Praying for the Unbeliever Who Has Not Repented (vss. 16b-17). Exhortation That The Children of God Know The Son of God, and Not The Evil One (1 John 518-20). Knowing God Protects His Children from the Evil One (v.18). Knowing We Are Under Gods Control and Not Under the Evil Ones Control (v. 19). Knowing The Son of God Brings Us Into a True, Eternal Relationship with God (v.20). Exhortation To Not Worship Idols (1 John 521). Application Pray Knowing That God Hears Your Prayers. Pray Knowing That Your Prayers Can Affect The Lives of Others. Pray Knowing That Our Protection From The Evil One Comes From God Through Jesus Christ Conclusion Bibliography Introduction The letter of 1 John is one of the most intriguing documents of the New Testaments. It is usually called an epistle though it lacks some of the common stylistic features of the New Testament epistles. For instance, there is no mention of the person who wrote it, or the person(s) to whom it was written. It does not have the customary introduction or conclusion (R.C.Briggs, 415). Yet, it has all the signs of being addressed to a specific situation in a community...
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