Experimenting On Animals

Topics: Animal testing, European Union, Testing cosmetics on animals Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: March 25, 2015
Experimenting on Animals  

People have a long history of experimenting on animals, especially in the medical and cosmetics. Many people argue that we would not be where we are today if it were not for animal experimentation. It is impossible to deny that animal testing has never been useful. However, with improvements in medical and scientific technology, animal testing is no longer as necessary First, animal experimentation is an abusive method. Abuse can be defined as excessive cruelty. Abuse is allowed in research because people think it is a good way to gather information. Animal tests are inaccurate because the testing environment messes up the results. An essential part of conducting an experiment is to allow only one variable. However, the testing environment is a variable not accounted for. According to the New England Anti-Vivisection Society, “stress, routinely experienced by animals in labs, negatively influences the reliability of animal research data. Stress influences heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, muscular activity, and hormone levels and can modify the normal values of these variables significantly” (“Limitations” [1]). The research environment is interfering with the animals’ normal functions. Stress is not the only affected factor. “In one study, researchers discovered that not only is stress a common factor for mice in labs—just having a researcher present can alter a mouse’s behavior—but they also experience ‘sympathy pains’ for the mice surrounding them. ‘In other words, seeing another mouse in distress elevates the amount of distress the onlooker displays’” (“Limitations” [1]). The research environment makes the mice actively behave differently than they would whether they are by themselves or with other mouse.   Finally, animal experimentation is an outdated method. Much of the developed world has reported animal testing unnecessary. For example, “a complete ban on the sale of cosmetics developed through animal testing has taken...

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