Explain What is Meant in the Bible by the Phrase God is Good

Topics: God, Earth, Universe Pages: 3 (1120 words) Published: November 7, 2010
a) Explain what is meant in the Bible by the phrase “God is good.”

The Old Testament is based upon the creation of the Earth and the Universe. This goes on to declare that God created all life on Earth and that He saw it and said it was “Good”. Most Christian and religious people would believe that God is good because of the word of the bible and by seeing the world as what it really was: a miracle of creation that is Good. The world is seen as a perfect creation in the Bible and this view is transferred to a strong belief in the very foundations of Christianity that God is a good, benevolent being.

According to the bible, God created the Universe ‘Ex Nihilo’. The fact that God even created the Universe demonstrates benevolence because without the Universe, there can be no life and in the Bible it is stated numerous times that Life is sacred and good; the Universe is good because it has the potential to support life. Looking into the creation of life in further detail, God created the Earth. This is demonstrative of the use of the phrase God is good because it shows His further want of life in the Universe; In Gen1 God actively creates life on Earth; he creates a perfect world on which to live on and is a truly loving thing to do, God could have created an Evil world where no Good or potential for Good can be present, God could not do this however, because he is an entirely benevolent God according to the Bible and Jesus who can only act for Good. When finished creating life on Earth

God shows that he is good in many of the miracles that are performed. The parting of the Red Sea in the Israelite exodus of Egypt which helped to free His oppressed people from the Egyptians was a miracle from God that shows people that God is benevolent and loyal to his followers; Moses was fleeing from the Egyptian army with all the Israelite slaves. Moses was trapped because they could not cross the sea but asked God for help...
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