Explain what the National Curriculum is

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1- Explain what the National Curriculum is and the key stages for Primary school in England. The National Curriculum was established in 1989 to ensure same standards of education across the nation. State Schools in England must teach and cover all subjects according the children’s Key stages, which are divided and set out by the National Curriculum. There are four Key Stages, those children ages 5 to 16 are taken through during their school life. For Example Key Stage 1 is thought during years1 and 2 of Primary school. True these system teachers know what subjects should be though in each year of school and what skill; knowledge and understanding should be achieve by their pupil. Teachers also can assess how well the pupil doing in each subject and how they can give parents information about their Childs progress. From year to year the National Curriculum tries to improve the maintaining of the school consist. The new curriculum aims to give schools and teachers more flexibility about what they teach and how they plan their lessons. At the end of each Key stage Children are tested on what they have been learning at school. This is called SATs. Source: www.bbc.co.uk School parents/ National Curriculum

2- What are SATs?”
SATs are short for Standard Assessment Test. In England all seven and eleven years old pupils have to do go true this test. The SATs don’t involve a pass or fail of the school children. These Tests are showing the teacher and parents how well their children are doing at school, and how much they understand the different school subject which they learned during the year. The Schools also can compare how well each child is doing in compare to their classmates and other pupil over the country. The test involves, speaking and listening, reading and writing, maths, and science. With the help of the...
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