Explain What You Like or ‘Dislike’ About the World of Celebrities

Topics: Reality television, Celebrity, Television Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: February 13, 2011
Explain what you like or ‘dislike’ about the world of celebrities The meaning of the word ‘celebrity’, in my opinion, is someone whose talents or achievements should be publically recognised. People like musicians, artist, and scientists and so on, someone with real talent and passion for what they chose to do, not to seek fame and fortune, but because it’s their calling. Unfortunately, there is not much publicity for people like that (with some rare exceptions). Modern definition of ‘celebrity’ is someone who is publicly recognised. Some modern day celebrities are really talented and do a lot of charitable work, but many more are absolutely talentless and selfish and only seek fame and financial rewards. That means that in order to be a celebrity in the modern society one doesn’t have to have any unique talent or ability at all! A lot of, so called, celebrities were created by a variety of reality television shows. They are mostly famous for their outrageous behaviour and stupidity. World of modern music and art is full of mediocre. Most of modern songs are hurting my ears and lyrics don’t make much sense. I recently went to a gallery of modern art in London and was unpleasantly surprised by most exhibits –some of them could’ve been made by any nursery age child. Why waste years on getting a good education when you can just go on reality show and gain fame and fortune overnight? This ‘stars’ greatly appeal to a large proportion of the population – “If this chav made it big, so can I”. Media has a lot to answer for – a lot of so called ‘celebrities’ are known and recognised for one reason only because they constantly appear in newspapers and on television and no one really knows what they are famous for. Media is to blame for brainwashing of non-thinking part of population. Various newspapers and magazines create culture of celebrity worship.
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