Explain Why Australia Was Involved in the Vietnam War

Topics: Cold War, Southeast Asia, United States Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: August 11, 2012
Why was Australia involved in the Vietnam War?
The reasons why Australia became involved in the Vietnam war Australia’s fear of communism was always an issue, being the only European settled country In the Asian pacific region. This fear of communism had resulted in one of the most restrictive immigration policies the world had seen entitled “The White Australia Policy” which was designed to prevent Asian Migration and only allow whites which were deemed suitable to be allowed a citizens This fear of communism also reflected in PM Robert Menzies anti-communism policy. This made the communist party and affiliated bodies (supporting communism illegal). This layed the foundation and backdrop for Australia’s commitment in the war. With the rising threat of communism spreading throughout Europe and East Asia, the theory was that Australia would be next and would fall like dominoes. This was called the domino theory, the domino theory was applied to Vietnam with people believing that if we did not stop communism in Vietnam, it would soon spread all nearby countries including Australia. The domino theory was the main reason that the United States was at war with Vietnam. The U.S wanted to contain communism and stop it at the source. This national strategy of containment demanded the U.S to stop communist aggression in the countries of South East Asia. Australia joined on this because they too, wanted to stop communism spreading and wanted to contain it. Australia joined the Vietnam war because of fear that If they did not contain the communist threat then the domino theory would take place and Australia would fall to the communist threat. It was In Australia’s best interest to meet any threats to Australia as far away from the mainland as possible. This was known as ‘forward defence. A policy that would see Australia set up a military base outside Australia and send Australian troops to Korea, Malaya and Vietnam to fight the menace of Asian communism. The reason of...
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