Factors That Lead to War

Topics: Vietnam War, South Vietnam, Vietnam Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: May 25, 2008
A war is started to settle an arousal of disputes over matters of territory, sovereignty, resource and ideology when no peaceful solution is available, utilized, or searched. By the word territory, we are pointing to the land which nations possess, and sovereignty refers to the authority power of the leaders of each country. Resource is the materials of which a country is able to produce with the availability of certain goods, while ideology is the system of ideas and beliefs of which humans possess and is able to conclude certain actions by their own will

The most basic motivation of war is the willingness of oneself to start it, with the support of the leadership, military forces and population of the country. Non-military companies support wars because of their own personal interests in gaining access to materials of the enemy. Being successful in war, they will benefit from the gained resource materials. The media will also promote war because they are rewarded for publishing false or misleading information to the opposing country, and that they do not gain anything from opposing the war.

By far, there are 5 major theories that will be discussed here, namely

Psychological theories
Anthropological theories
Demographic theories
Rationalist theories
Economic theories

Psychological theories
This theory argues that war is a conversion of an individual’s grievances into bias and hatred towards other ethnic groups, nations or ideologies. Theorists have found that humans are inherently violent, and to show it, they will vent it on the things that they dislike, thus creating an alter ego. War is known as an innate of human nature, and that is why there will be no possibility in stopping it. Even though so, it does not explain when or how wars occur, and how certain human cultures are completely devoid of war.

Anthropological theories
This theory explains war as an attempt of two societies to destroy or weaken the other party to gain...
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