fairness of the electoral process

Topics: Elections, Voting, Voting system Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: November 7, 2013
Unfair: Free and fair elections are a fundamental element of a healthy democracy. In a democracy, the majority vote rules. So why should our representatives vote for us while we vote just to persuade them. Also, the Electoral College way of election has failed a fair amount of times against the popular vote, Look at the Tilden - Hayes campaign where Hayes won the Electoral vote yet lost the popular vote by more than 50,000 citizens. “Our votes don't matter, the president can bribe them and they can vote against everyone.” “The Electoral College is a way for the Government to control the way politics are decided.” These are quotes from anonymous unhappy voters. It has also been stated, “In any Plurality Voting ("VOTE FOR ONLY ONE") election with 3 or more candidates, probability favors the candidate most different from the others. “Voters must be able to vote their real preferences without penalty. The bias against similar platforms must be removed. For years, the method used was to make it hard for third-party candidates to get on the ballot. This is not very fair, and does nothing to stop the problem in primary elections.” Fair: Some people believe our election process to be truly free and fair, elections require not only transparent and well-managed Election Day polling, but also a society that encourages full citizen participation, political parties to operate freely, independent media to flourish, and which builds a judiciary system capable of exercising independent and impartial authority. The United States supports the numerous OSCE initiatives to help participating States achieve this objective, such as the organization's election observation work, technical assistance provided to improve legislative and administrative frameworks, and the elections-related activities carried out by OSCE field operations. “We are not a democracy, so majority doesn't matter. The Founding Fathers said time and time again they opposed majorities.”...
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