Fallen Angels

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Miguel Monedero-Gold
Fallen Angels Essay
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Fallen Angels
“I saw courage both in the Vietnam War and in the struggle to stop it. I learned that patriotism includes protest, not just military service.” (John F. Kerry) The Vietnam War truly showed the courage of many, and the willingness of men and women to defend their country at all costs. Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers is a story about the struggles of a young man with hemophilia, struggling to cope with the conditions of the Vietnam War. Richie Perry, the main character, is a 17-year-old college graduate who is shipped off to Vietnam as a result of his medical records not being processed properly. He is a boy in a man's war, and he learns to cope with the war and matures greatly along the way. Peewee is Richie’s first friend as he arrives into the battle zone. Peewee comes from the ghettos of Chicago. He joined the army to access equality with his brothers. Lobel is a Jew and a suspected homosexual, this is what draws him to Peewee and Richie, and because of the prejudice remarks they all receive. Richie, Peewee, and Lobel all mature and change greatly throughout the story, and the find their true selves.

Richie arrives in Vietnam as a 17-year old boy; he is lost, naïve, and scared. Richie was shipped off to Vietnam as a result of a paperwork error. Richie suffers from hemophilia, which mean he has a hard time stopping bleeding. Richie has lots of dreams. He wants to go to college, become a writer, and support his younger brother and to give him opportunities that were never there for Richie. Richie’s father left years before, sending the family of a mother and two boys into poverty. His mother is a depressed alcoholic that has never had a great relationship with Richie. He struggles to connect with her through letters throughout the book. Richie joins the army to escape his problems back home, and to avoid making decisions about the future.

The war has an affect on...
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