Film and Orwell Remembers

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Julito G. Tapic Jr.

Film Critique (The Lost Secret)
1. Give the summary of the film.
The film is about the main character, Orwell, who lost his memory. Sabina and Sline enter the story. Orwell recalls a conversation on an airplane and going through customs with a South American plant. Orwell remembers riding in Sline’s car and checking in to his hotel. Orwell recalls a phone call from Sline, the one who steal Orwell’s manuscript. Sabina puts something in Orwell’s drink in a restaurant during a flashback and a flashback to Sline’s laboratory where Orwell is forced to take the memory drug. Orwell and Dr Roberts go to the library for information about the Telo plant. Sabina takes the page they need to Sline. Sline tells Sabina why the drug didn’t work on Orwell. Orwell and Roberts hear on the news about a break-in at a greenhouse. Sline and Sabina are preparing a stronger version of the drug to test on Harry. Orwell and Roberts are on their way to Sline’s laboratory. Two years later: Roberts and Orwell meet again and he tells her the Lost Secret of the Mepatecs.

2. Express your opinions on the following
a. Actors
Who are starring in the film and how well do you think they acted?
The starring characters are Orwell, Sabina and Sline. They’ve done their roles very well specially Orwell. His tone and facial expressions makes him suited to his role. b. Structure
Mention some details about the plot. Did the film follow a predictable story line?
Sline and Sabina are preparing a stronger version of the drug to test on Harry. Yes, It follow a predictable story line particularly with the scenes with Sabina. c. Cinematography and writing
Give details on how well the movie shoot and directed. Was the writing good in moody scenes?
The movie well made especially on the intro where Orwell thinks he’s a bird. The writing is fairly decent in moody scenes, like when Orwell finds Sabina in the library.
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