Film and People

Topics: Film, Television, Education Pages: 4 (1191 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Entertainment and education
Entertainment plays a vital role in today's society. With the development of the society, pressure of people's life is increase, at this time, entertainment for people's life have played an important role in ease the pressure, people has more and more demand for entertainment, their need entertainment to relax. In addition to this, entertainment is very important for society, people through the way of entertainment to meet new friend, entertainment is a good way to increase the feelings between friends. However, in the aspect of learning, entertainment whether it makes sense, this is a very controversial issue. Some people think entertainment should have an educational value, and other people think entertainment should not have an educational value. This essay will narrate about reasons why some people think entertainment should have or should not have an educational value. First of all, people are already using entertainment way to education child, and can achieve good effect, like film. Movie, which is generally accepted and provides education. In a foreign country, people set up the charity that use films to education child. Jamie, D, (2010) stated that “The films are part of a 1800-strong cinematic library supplied free of charge to UK schools by the charity Film club, which claims movies help disengaged pupils to connect with their lessons. Founded in 2007 by Beeban Kidron, the director of Bridget Jones Diary: The Edge Of Reason, the charity says some 172.000 pupils in 5.552 schools now participate in the project, which is part funded by the Department for Education and the DVD distributor Love Film.” This shows, the film education received the affirmation of people. Besides film education has obtained the good effect, Miketidd, (2010) stated that “The days of a teacher in a classroom talking for 50 minutes are long gone and would not generate much enthusiasm from today’s young learners. Interaction and variety is...
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