Final Exam on Soteriology

Topics: New Testament, Salvation, Christian terms Pages: 4 (830 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Final Exam Study Guide

1. From the class notes, be able to explain the two purposes of the O.T. sacrifices.
1. Spiritual Cleansing
- Provides a means of restoration fellowship
2. Teaching
- Sacrifices were designed to teach about the seriousness of sin and of the means to eternal life. They pointed to a need for sacrifice which could truly represent people and actually remove sin

- God is not indifferent to their sin, and therefore not to them either

2. From the section “effectiveness of the sacrifices” in the notes, be able to explain from the notes and class discussion how the sacrifices were subjectively, but not objectively effective. Include scripture from Hebrews, Leviticus, and Romans 3.

If the blood of bulls and goats does not really pay for sin, as the writer of Hebrews (10:1, 4) tells us, what effect did these sacrifices really have? Leviticus promises forgiveness (1:4, 4:20, 26, 5:10, 16, etec). What does that mean? It had to do with the heart attitude of the person giving the sacrifice.

3. Be able to show how Romans 9:13-16 and 11:2 indicate that God’s foreknowledge is not mere knowledge of something before it happens, but is actually foreordination.
Romans 9:13-16
God in righteous judgment chooses to save some and not others based on his will. This was true of Jacob and Esau before they were born

Romans 11:2
Despite what Elijah prayed, God was resolved to love Israel. God chose beforehand, knowing what they would do, to love them anyway.

4. Give the three elements of our answer to the accusation that it is not fair/just for God to elect some and not others for salvation.
1) God doesn’t need to choose anyone
2) All are sinful and God is then just to condemn them all
3) We, being human, have no ultimate right to answer back to God

5. Be able to name the two elements of conversion.

6. Know the definition of repentance. (Real well!)...
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