First Impression

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First Impression:
At first glance, my first impression of Beijing Pangu 7 Star Hotel’s official website is that it offers highly magnificent images and well-organized page layouts to display their hotel features. Each hotel picture draws my attention because they use extremely distinct photos. The first thing that I explore on this website is the top tab, which displays the most important items that the hotel wants to showcase. Although the hotel page is not perfectly designed, I personally like some of the ideas on the website as a potential guest. In order to help customers find useful information through this website, they use simple operations. For instance, putting an easy click-button, which directly connect to next page. In addition, the hotel contains their social media by WeChat and Weibo (which are two popular forms of social media in China). It is a powerful strategy to fascinate guests, especially young people and it shows that they are likely provide better service and conditions for their guests. Target Market:

The Beijing Pangu 7 Star hotel is China’s newest icon and the latest masterpiece, which was built by world-renowned architect C.Y.Lee, who is also behind the famous Taipei 101. This hotel is more likely to attract people who are upper class or well-educated as their target market because they offer highly unique and extremely expensive services and attract people who can afford these fees. The Beijing Pangu 7 Star hotel also provides high quality facilities including a superb indoor swimming pool as well as services for leisure groups, and international business groups. Pangu 7 Star Hotel accommodates various guests including international clients. On the hotel’s page, I found that guests could visit many different attractions such as, Beijing’s Olympic Park theatre, Water Cube, and Bird’s Nest while staying at the property, which shows that they also want to attract international groups. To be more specific, the environment and...
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