First Pass the Post-Voting System

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First Past the Post Essay

First Pass the Post voting system is a single-winner voting system used to elect members of parliament. This voting method is also used in constituencies which is sometime called an exhaustive counting system where one member is elected at a time and the process repeated until the number of vacancies is filled. The most common system, is first-past-the-post. In this voting system the single winner is the person with the most votes, so there is no requirement that the winner has to gain an absolute majority of votes. The term first past the post became about because of horse racing, where the winner of the race is the first to pass a particular point after which all other runners automatically lose. There is, however, no "post" that the winning candidate must pass in order to win, as the winning candidate is required only to have received the highest number of votes in his or her favour. This results in the alternative name sometimes being "farthest past the post". First Past the Post voting is used for local and national elections. In single winner voting, each voter is allowed to vote for only one candidate, and the winner of the election is whichever candidate represents a majority, that is, whoever received the largest number of votes. This makes the voting system among the simplest of all voting systems for voters and vote counting officials. In an election for a Prime Minister, each voter in a given geographically-defined constituency votes for one candidate from a list of candidates competing to represent that district. Under the plurality system, the winner of the election acts as representative of the entire electoral district, and serves with representatives of other electoral districts. Britain, uses single-member constituency as the base for national general elections. Each constituency chooses one member to go to parliament and then the candidate that gets the most votes goes, whether they reach a majority or not....
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