Flow Theory and the Power of Metaphors

Topics: Mass media, Media studies, Marshall McLuhan Pages: 6 (2215 words) Published: December 9, 2012
In communications, media is the storage and transmission channel or tool used to store and deliver information or data. There are many types of media, and arguably media has been around ever since the historical times and has been passed down and evolved through the ages to what it is today. Media includes print media and electronic media, are they playing an important role in our daily life? According to the researcher, Hermes, she assumes that media text is meaningful to audience whereas in everyday life, media is just a routines and insignificant and yet, she argues that media is meaningless in daily life. However, media is meaningful when it comes to “Parts of people’s daily rhythms and domestic routines” According to researcher, cultural media studies, she focuses on media texts that we are using now. She argues that this is not the right way to study. So media and audiences should be study in parallel. Everyday life flow means the routinized nature of action and affairs, and that is also contains the possibility of change. Everyday life change is because of self evidence like activity we do in everyday life, the experience we had gone through. Media are meaningless according to researcher, media have their own role to play and media is representation and reception. So, we should not avoid it or reflected, even we do not conscious the meaning in media texts.

‘Everyday life as flow’ is one endows it with natural-like properties. As part from nature, it hides dangerous undercurrents and whirlpools beneath its orderly surface which are uncontrolled by our self. Beside, flow creates the impression of people concretely. Human experience and activity with these characteristic of flow strengthens the impression that everyday life is determined by natural force. The flow like nature of everyday life is a given in ethnographically are include theoretical and epistemological implications. Two step flow theory is focused on change in voting decision. Mass communication can reach and affect people in two step process. When the media influence opinion leader, then the opinion leader will influence others with whom they have direct contact in group’s opinion follower. For example in Malaysia, the Lynas case happened in Bukit Merah, the opinion leader will be the parents and the opinion follower will be the children. Parents read the new from newspaper, and they transmitted the message to their children what they had read in order to protect their children from the harm might caused by Lynas. According to the researcher, she said media are meaningless. However, media are playing an importance rule in our daily life. Media are considered as an effective ways to gain knowledge and information. For instance, the construction of pyramid in Egypt was shoot by the production of National Geographic. In additions, the truth of the ship wreckage, Titanic, is being revealed by the archaeologist and it is being proved. The progress of finding the truth of the ship wreckage is shown by the National Geography. This is the power of a media. It shows what happened, how did it happen and when did it happen and directs these information to the audience. Besides, media also can transmit moral value to their audience through advertisement. For instance, PETRONAS advertisements such as Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Aidifitri advertisements are caring out intimacy to the audience. In these advertisements, they are taught on the importance of a family and show many moral values. The Drama on “No Regret” staring by Wayne was bringing out moral value such as patriotisms, courage that can use in their life. Television plays a role as a part of domestic, medium for the family and household as a daily routine. It has been a part of the people's lives as it has penetrated the soul of the everyday. Television itself can be seen in the living room of almost every family household everywhere around the world. Television...
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