Formal Letter Un Representative

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Heroin Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: July 5, 2013
Balamand Anti-Drugs

ENGL 101 section 4 AIDI 211 16-11-2012

United Nations

Dear UN Representative,
As an anti-drug organization, BAD (balamand Anti-Drugs), I will be presenting to you our main purpose for launching this organization. Because the problem of drug addiction is spreading so fast and surrounding our living society, we decided to launch our organization in order to have a clean drug free society. Starting with universities, clubs and public places. This organization’s main purpose is to clean our society from drugs by educating people about this awful product and its consequences, in addition to rehabilitating drug addicts. We know that other organizations presented and hoping to be chosen as well, like INKAZ (Car Accidents Organization), and the Sexual Health Organization. In fact, car accidents are also a major problem nowadays. Enventhaugh the main purpose is to decrease problems causing these accidents, but they are not really dealing with one of the major causes (drugs). On the other hand, Sexual Health Organization is working on preventing diseases and so on, but they forgot that drug addiction can also lead to this problem. Therefore like I have mentioned earlier, drugs and drug addiction can be and is most of the time the main cause of all these problems. In the end, I really hope you will get into consideration, our purpose for stopping all these problems, and that drug addiction can ruin a whole society from teenagers to parents. I would like to thank...
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