Forrest Gump

Topics: Vietnam War, Forrest Gump, Fiction Pages: 1 (452 words) Published: December 20, 2013
The Language Features of Forrest Gump
I has chosen Forrest Gump to read, as am big fan of the Oscar-winning movie adapted from the novel. Actually, when we finished reading 10 chapters of the novel, I found that it was a different story, but the book was still a page-turner. In order to make the story clear delivered, the author presents the story in chronological order. In the 10 chapters, Gump retells his adventures through American history, with everything from college football in early years to the Vietnam War and Ping-Pong games in China later in his life. Despite his low IQ and being an Autistic Savant, Gump is full of wisdom and humor. Up to now, what has left us a deep impression is the language feature in the novel. Language is the reflection of a person’s soul and thought. You can tell one’s personality from his speech, so in order to reveal Gump’s traits, the author uses self-mockery and vulgar language in the novel. The informal style properly shows the character’s optimistic attitude toward his mental affliction and his simple view towards life. He never minds calling himself an idiot whenever he has done “shit” things and he would rather think himself as a “halfwit” instead of a “moron”. When the president shook hands with him and asked his feelings, he only said: I've gone to pee. As for Forrest Gump, the language is used to express his real feelings of the body, so it was impossible to say like other members whose answer was "very proud" or similar words, but he could only realistically spoke "to pee." Some of the language and plots may seem shallow to you, but we think the simplicity is the best reflection of Gump’s merits. What’s more, in the narration, the author doesn’t use literary language. He has done a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes on propose, writing all the words in the way you would pronounce it. For example, a sentence goes like,” When I got to try sayin or writin them, it kinda come out like Jello." This special way, though...
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