Forrest Gump Review

Topics: Vietnam War, English-language films, Forrest Gump Pages: 1 (448 words) Published: May 6, 2014
Forrest Gump tells the life of Forrest Gump. Forrest was diagnosed as an idiot with a low IQ of 75 when he was young. But he had a very close friend named Jenny, who would always support him. After graduation, Forrest joined the Army where he met another best friend Bubba, who gave him the shrimping business idea. During the fierce Vietnam War, Bubba died. In the meantime, Jenny realized her dream of being a folk singer. When the war ended, Forrest came back to America with great honor as a national hero. Though he got medals from the government, he was still simple-minded and pure as before. Then, because of his talent on Ping-Pong, he was sent to China to play Ping-Pong in order to build up friendship between America and China. Meanwhile, Jenny became a feminist and was involved with drugs, sex, and violence. Her future was uncertain like a feather drifting in the air. Later, Forrest started shrimping business with the survivor in Vietnam War, Lieutenant Dan, which was also a huge success. Jenny finally made compromise with life and married Forrest.

The movie is served as an American dream with its famous authentic historical plots and a protagonist with an unrealistic but brilliant life. I believe Forrest's success strikes a chord with its audience. Without making any effort, he succeeded overnight. Here, many people would praise his simple mind and devotion as if conforming to non-action principle of Daoism is the key to his success. I can’t deny the strengths of Forrest but I don't want to appreciate it too much because I think it is his talent or luck that makes his brilliant life. He is a miracle not a role model.

On the contrary, Jenny is a role that makes me feel sympathy for. Although she is a beatnik of the Beat Generation, rebellious and degenerated, she at least has dream that worth fighting for, such as becoming a folk singer and feminist. Even though she gets hurt and her future is uncertain, she experienced life. She understands the truth...
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