Fortress College Integrated Networked Elections System Chapter 1

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Fortress College is one of the institutions in Kabankalan City that provides complete education from primary levels up to the tertiary levels. It performs the same functionalities as of almost every school and its elections. Fortress College implemented four elections to its complete education which is equally distributed from elementary to tertiary. The College Department handles Technical Vocational Student Organization, the High School Department handles the Student Affairs Organization – High School Department, the Elementary handles the Student Affairs Organization – Elementary Department, and the overall student organization are under the Fortress College Republic.

The manual election processes started form the recruitment of the aspiring candidates with its desired party followed by the filing of candidacy where the aspiring candidates needs to fill up the application form and needs to meet the requirements for its desired position to became an official candidate. It is followed by the Voters Registration based on the list of enrollees up to the election proper where the voters will choose their desired candidates to became an officer of a specific organization end will be ended after the counting of votes and the proclamation of winners as the new officers of the school year.

Fortress College Republic handles One President, One Vice President and five Senators. The TVSO handles one Governor, One Vice Governor, 10 Sanguniang pampa-aralan, One appointed Secretary, One appointed Treasurer and Two representatives from first year and second year individually. The SAO High School Department Handles one Governor, One Vice Governor, Four Representatives for Seventh Grade, Eighth Grade, Ninth Grade, and Fourth year individually, and ten Board Members. The SAO Elementary Department Handles One Governor, One Vice Governor, One Congressman, One Mayor, One Vice Mayor, and Ten Sanguniang Pampa-aralan. Those organization processes are performed through the most basic and the most common type of manual Election

This system study generally aims to computerize the manual organization elections of Fortress College Student Organization Elections with a LAN based connection to have an easy, fast and more convenient election process.

To help the administrator to have a security on the overall process of election. To reduce the man power needed for the election.
To give reliance to the voters and candidates for having an automated election results and for having a much safer and more accurate count of votes.

The extent of this system study is to design a networked election system for the use of the Fortress College Student Organizations Election that includes the LAN based integration of the Fortress College Republic, the Technical Vocational Students Organization, the Student Affairs Organization – High School Department, and the Student Affairs Organization – Elementary Department. This system covers up to the Administrator‘s Registration, the Position, Levels and Course Settings, the Party Registration, the Candidate’s Registration, the Voter’s Registration, and the Views and Reports.

This system includes a security feature for the convenience of the employee to prevent any unauthorized person to access into the system. It allows the Head Administrator and the Coordinators to register a specific year-level, course and position, and enables to set the date and time period of the party registration, the candidate’s registration, the voter’s registration and the election duration period. This system also allows the candidates to register the parties and platforms they are joining with and allows uploading their pictures including the candidate’s information, the platform s and the parties to be shown during the election. This system also has a manual way of registration on the server with the Head Administrator’s or coordinator’s confirmation...
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