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Topics: Cold War, World War II, Ho Chi Minh Pages: 4 (983 words) Published: September 14, 2014
Juan Lemuz
Kent Andrade
English 101
Essay #1
“Why are we in Vietnam” and “This is not our War” were on the minds of many Americans during the post-World War 2 era. After World War 2 the war had left Europe and other surrounding countries devastated, and to many countries adopting Communism ideals were their only option. Tensions were running high between the two “big nations” The Soviet Union and the United States, each of which wanted to spread their influence as much as possible. The European’s were in no shape to repel Communism and it was vital for France to play an active role in Europe’s recovery for which Vietnam was crucial not only to stabilize France but to place a halt on Communism. Thus leading into one of the most questionable actions in American history, the decision to help France instead of a divided Vietnam who pleaded to Truman for help to be free of colonial rule. President Truman had many issues to consider, but his top priority was to halt Communism and France would be a key player in the fight against “commies”. Truman was given little choice when he chose to help France since according to them it was essential to control Vietnam in order to stabilize themselves and to prevent themselves from becoming Communist which The United States strongly opposed. “We do not want to become Communist; we do not want to fall into the Russian orbit, but I hope you will not push us into it.” Said Charles De Gaulle to the United States as in making it clear that to help Vietnam would force France to succumb to Communism. Those words were all Truman needed to hear in order to send materials and financial aid to France. The southern part of Vietnam which had a non-Communist government was controlled by the French thanks to the British, but the north who was led by Ho Chi Minh and was being aided by China were Communist, this was a problem because now Minh had the support of a strong Communist Country. Furthermore Truman decided to help...

Cited: Young, Marilyn Blatt. The Vietnam Wars. New York: HarperCollins, 1991.
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