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Nearly every country in the developed world, and more and more in the developing world, provide free primary and secondary education. Such education is generally uncontroversial and accepted as necessary around the world. In the case of secondary education, however, there is a great deal of disparity between countries’ education policies. In many states students must pay fees to access a school. Often states offer financial assistance to individuals who cannot afford to pay fees and lack other methods of payment. In other states, education is completely free and considered a citizen’s right to attend. Debates center on the issues of whether there is in fact a right to education, and on whether states can feasibly afford to finance such education.

It is a fundamental right of individuals to experience primary and secondary school and to have access to the knowledge. Primary and secondary school offers a huge opportunity. It is a treasure of knowledge to be gained and experiences to be had. Primary and secondary school provides an opportunity that exists at no other time in an individual’s life. It is a time of personal, intellectual, and often spiritual, exploration. In secondary school, no such opportunities exist, as they are about instruction and following orders, not about questioning norms and conventions in the same way primary and secondary school so often. Primary and secondary school serves as a valuable space for different views, which everyone has a right to experience should they wish. A life without thinking tools provided by primary and secondary school is less full because those without it lack the facility by which to unlock all the doors of perception and knowledge. Primary and secondary school experience serves also individuals’ views of education and society, helping to give form to the relationship between citizen and state. The state has a duty to facilitate this development, as its responsibility...
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