From Honoured Athletes to Sparkly Leotards and Skimpy Dresses

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From honoured athletes to sparkly leotards and skimpy dresses

While we watch athletes we have honoured and congratulated prancing around begging for our votes, others are spending their time doing amazing things for our country.

By Lauren Sparrow

Picture this: you’ve just won a medal for your country; your family, friends and even strangers are extremely proud of you. You have just listened to a speech from the prime minister and the mayor of London saying that they are amazed at the achievements you and the rest of the Olympic team have made. What do you do next? Do you spend your time working on how you can improve and do better? No. You go on a reality TV show, opening the doors to your life and inviting the public in. It is pertinent to remember that as you bathe in fame, reminiscing about ‘the good old days’, there are more worthwhile things that you could and should do with your time.

Why do Olympic Athletes feel they need to make themselves more famous by going on a television show like Strictly Come Dancing? Do they feel that it makes everyone lives that little bit better? Or is it just for self gain?

While we sit and watch athletes like Jonnie Peacock make fools of themselves on reality TV shows similar to Keith Lemon’s Celebrity Juice, other athletes, for example, rower Heather Stanning, 27, are out fighting for our country. After an interview with BBC Sport, Heather said: ‘Afghanistan is such a big part of my peer group in the army and it is important for me to have exposure to that’. With Stanning getting highly rewarded by the government it shocks me that other athletes are not earning the respect of the public and are just using their competitive spirit for game shows and other television junk. BBC Sport quoted that as soon as Heather Stanning had finished sorting her affairs after the Olympics she was going to be out in her military uniform ready to join her former unit. Compare this to Louis Smith, who should have been preparing for...
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