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Che Youn Kim

Plurality: the largest number of votes in a election.
Winner-take-all system: an electoral system that awards offices to the highest vote-getters without ensuring representation for voters in the minority. primary election: election in which voters determine their party's nominee for an elective office. general election: election in which voters choose candidates from different parties. caucus: meeting of party members to choose party officials party base: political

stump speech: activities who embrace values of their party and are more likely to vote in primary elections. coattail effect: the influence that a popular politician may have on voters, making them likely to choose other candidates from his or her party.

Section 2: Right to vote
Create a table below in your notebook. Record any applicable dates when each group gained voting rights, and briefly explain what rights were gained at that time. Then answer the questions that follow.

Group | Voting rights gained |
White Males | |
African Americans | |
Women | |
American Indians | |
18-year-olds | |

Do you think Americans take voting for granted today? Why or why not? What steps have been taken to increase voter turnout?

Section 3:
Create a campaign to-do list for a presidential candidate trying to secure the party's nomination. Your list should have nine steps: form an exploratory committee, join the race, set up a campaign organization, raise funds, develop a campaign strategy, campaign, run in primaries and caucuses, and attend the national convention. Record the steps in your notebook, and note what needs to be done to accomplish each one. See the example below.

Step | To-Do |
Form an exploratory committee | Gather a group of advisers to evaluate chances for election. Test the waters to determine the level of public support. | Join the...
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