george will summary and response

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Summary and Response
The article Reality Television: Oxymoron by George F. Will describes how television works and how it has changed over the years. He explains how television shows are now mostly imitations, they create shows off other shows with a somewhat more interesting twist making viewers more interested in watching. According to George F. Will, people are becoming "desensitized". Since people are becoming less easily shocked or amazed, television shows now are increasing the amount of degradation, violence, and sexuality. George F. Will’s main points are imitation and the shock factor. One of his examples was “Fear Factor” and how it is a spin-off of the television show “Jackass” just they added a reward. Making the participants more willing to humiliate themselves for the fame and fortune. This captures the audience’s attention because it intrigues them, watching people “race to the bottom” and "degrade themselves for money". Another example of television imitation is the XFL. A show by NBC, which took the main concept of NFL but adding more violence and sexuality to the show. Imitations bring out and increases the shock factor. Because these shows are imitations the producers would need to add a more interesting twist to attract the audiences attention, making it stand out and worth watching. Because people have been desensitized it is harder to shock people. Television shows are adding more insane twist and a larger reward in order for participants to do dangerous stunts or do embarrassing and terrifying things. I believe what George F. Wills was trying to point out was how ridiculous and utterly pointless reality television shows are turning into. How it has downgraded the standard of entertainment in today’s society. He was clearly writing this article as a wake up call not only for those who are in the shows but also to the audience. The audience should not downgrade themselves too by wasting their time on silly shows. He points out how there...
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