Goals and Achievements Essay

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Hannah Aste’s Scholarship Essay
Goals and Achievements
It has been nice to grow up in a small town in the same house for the past twenty-two years. I have enjoyed the opportunities that our family has been blessed with. I have one brother who is eight and a half years older than I. He is married with two children. Growing up, it was especially nice to have cousins close to me in age and proximity. I love my family and friends, and enjoy every minute I have with them. Along with biological family members, I have cultivated relationships with friends at school and church, as well as within the community. I still have several relationships today that remain from long ago and feel like extended family. Some of those relationships were cultivated from Kindergarten to twelfth grade as I attended three different schools in the surrounding area. I have attended the same church since I was a baby, and continue to work and volunteer there to this day.

I graduated from Resurrection Christian School (RCS) in 2010 with a class of thirty-five. I took the first year off to be an intern at an orphanage in Belize, work and decide what I wanted to do with my life. In fall 2011, I began my college education at Front Range Community College (FRCC). I studied there for about two years earning my Associate of Arts degree. Now I am a junior attending Colorado Christian University (CCU) enrolled in the Elementary Education program. My main goal right now is to graduate from Colorado Christian University with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. I love children and have always had a passion to teach children of all ages. When I was eleven I had my first babysitting job, which I loved. At age twelve, I began doing childcare at my church during meetings and special services. I continued babysitting and childcare until I graduated from high school. At age seventeen, I became one of the Children’s Church teachers, and continue to do so today. I was a Middle School...
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