Good Citizen

Topics: Voting, Democracy, Vande Mataram Pages: 3 (381 words) Published: April 16, 2011
“If We Can Vote For The Best Performer On The Tv Show “Indian Idol,” We Should Certainly Vote In Elections That Profoundly Affect Our Future.”

“Bad Officials Are Elected By Good Citizens Who Do Not Vote.”

Join He Police Force …. Serve Your Country.

Don’t Buy Movie Tickets In Black … Support The Corruption Free Nation

Fighting Corruption Can Begin With Boycotting Bribe-Giver

Pay Your Taxes

Do Your Duty.& Enjoy Your Rights & Protect Your Nation Till Your Last Breath.

Treat Every Woman Or Man As You Would Like To Be Treated.

"Live For Yourself, Die For Your Country"

" Good Citizens Are Rare, You Can Pick Them Out In The Streets, They Pick Their Own Trash."

“A Good Citizen Owes His Life To His Country”

“Do You Know Who You're Voting For? Choose Your Leaders Yourself... Enjoy Your Voting Rights

Stop Match Fixing... Play Fair

A Good Citizen Respects Other People's Property.

Know What's Happening In Your Country…..Read Newspapers… Watch News…. Keep Yourself Informed….. Be An Alert Citizen

Anna Nahi Ye Andhi Hai, Ye Bharat Ka Dusra Gandhi Hai

Anna Tum Age Badho, Hum Tumhare Sath Hai

Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ And ‘Vande Mataram’

"We Pledge Not To Cheat In Our Xams!! Hereby We Start Our Real Support For The Corruption Free Nation...,"

Wipe Out Corruption From The Country.

I Am Extremely Proud That Anna Has Shown The Way Forward And I Will Do All I Can To Support The Cause

Join The Army Navy Force

Don’t Travel Ticket Less

It Is Time For Citizens To Declare An Open War On Corruption, Follow The Ideals Of Mahatma Gandhi

Help The Police, Be An Alert Citizen

Respect Government Property

Don’t Hunt Animals… Save Nature… Save Our Animals

Save Or Else Not A Drop To Drink’

“Voting Is Power. Voting Makes The Difference…..It Is The Responsibility Of Every Eligible Indian To Vote Because Collectively We Can Transform This Country.”

“Bad Officials Are Elected By Good Citizens Who Do Not Vote.”

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