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Two Things They Carried Research Paper
Without a doubt the United States was brutal during their 14 years in the Vietnam War. There were times when our soldiers were commanded to shoot Vietnam civilians. Our second source tells us that they killed mostly women and children. Perhaps there were times when American soldiers could not tell a Viet Cong sniper apart from a civilian, but either way, there were around 5,000 civilians killed by the United States. There are a lot of veterans who have served in American wars who suffer from PTSD after they get home from battle. Post-traumatic stress disorder could be brought on by high intensity while a soldier is in battle, seeing a fellow soldier die, shooting enemies, and it is evident that shooting civilians can cause it as well. Veterans can get aggressive if their settings at home give them a flashback of a bad memory of war. A lot of soldiers such as veteran Bob Kerrey regret killing civilians and they have had to live with it for the past forty years. There are questions to whether or not the Americans are war criminals for killing these Vietnam civilians.

After the first paragraph of "The Things They Carried" is read, the reader has a very good idea of what the main character, Jimmy Cross, was doing. He was just a young kid in love. His problem was that he was thousands of miles away in Vietnam with nothing to do but march. He would yell at his men to spread out or march to the left, but Jimmy was just going through the motions. His heart was not in the war and he knew it. As much as the military wishes our soldiers were robots, they are humans with feelings. Jimmy Cross made an immature but innocent decision to put his daydreams of a girl back home before thinking about his men. Jimmy Cross carries the burden of one of his soldiers deaths. Jimmy was daydreaming instead of watching his soldier when he was killed on the way to the bathroom, and he knows it will haunt him forever. This short story shows how the...
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