Gospel of Mark

Topics: God, Jesus, Christianity Pages: 3 (1041 words) Published: September 8, 2013
Jesus is the Messiah, the triune God that came to earth to fulfill the Old Testament prophecies. As we journey through the gospel of Mark, we will see the servant hood of Jesus and his miraculous miracles which will be reveal the Trinity of our God. Though many denied who Jesus really was and is today, he continues to show his love and mercy for all who believe in him. From his Journey as a human on earth to his death and resurrection to heaven, we will see the fulfilled prophecies that Jesus is God and the Savior for all who believe.

From the very start, Mark refers to the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament, that God is sending a messenger to prepare the way for his coming (Mk. 1:2-3). Then moves on to tell how Jesus was baptized not because he was sinful, but because we are sinful and need a savior. Baptism is very crucial part of Jesus life, for he was baptized in the name of God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. Here is where we see the first reference to the Trinity (Mk. 1:10-11). As Jesus journeys on in Galilee he heals and forgives many along the way for example; paralyzed man walks, blind man sees, leprosy gone, and a sick woman is healed. At the end of chapter three Jesus had chosen his twelve apostles to be his messengers before and after his death, just as he calls unto us to be his disciples on earth to spread his word to all who are willing to hear. Jesus picked twelve apostles to represent the twelve tribes of Israel to show how the Old Testament ways connect to the New Testament (Mt. 19:28).

In chapter four, many parables are given by Jesus to teach and show people how important it is to stay connected to God’s word. To feed ones soul, so our hearts are not hardened, vision is clear and the light shines greatly for our heavenly Father (Mk 4:24-25). Though many reject Jesus teachings and accuse him of having super natural powers in chapters five and six, Jesus remains on his walk to show his divine love and compassion for all. As the...
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