Topics: Adolescence, Preadolescence, Television program Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Gotell 1
Kadesia Gotell
Dr. O’Leary-Davidson
English 1101
09 December 2012
The media has affected the 21st century teenagers
Most parents instill the value of self-respect in their child at an early age, only to let the media drain it out of them. The parents who see what such media is doing to their child will attempt to fix it as soon as it occur. The media is everywhere and preys upon teens. A teenager is easily influenced by another teen let along half of the world. It’s not as if the teen don’t know those things will lower his or her self-respect. It’s not easy for a teenage girl to her favorite celebrity getting attention because of her revealing clothes, it’s never easy for a teenage guy to look on Facebook to see all of the people he look up to constantly post pictures throwing up gang signs, I’m sure it wouldn’t be easy listening to the radio and songs talk about easing your mind with drugs and alcohol. I’m certain that it wouldn’t be every song, social network or television show that’s steering teens wrong, but I’m convinced that most of them are persuading actions that will lower teens self-respect

It has been studied that social networks has a huge effect on teenagers (niemer 120). While a majority of teens claim that social networks are "mostly kind," 88 percent have said they've witnessed cruel behavior on these sites, according to a new Pew report. Teen are commonly introduced to social networks to do things they wouldn’t normally do. I remember girls in my grade getting on websites to produce explicit pictures of them to find “a man” who are usually over age. Some teens try to tamper with other peoples respect, but lower their own in the process. The media didn’t encourage this but they don’t stop it either.

Gotell 2
Music genres as in Rap R&&B and country, all contain songs that play a part in teenager’s self-respect. He or she would consider that the lyrics in the song is requiring them...
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