Government note Chap. 1-8

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Quiz 1
Question 1
Plato’s chief contribution to the study of government was: a) Identifying types of government Affirming that critical thought and reason could lead to the best type of government Question 2
This Greek philosopher was the first to classify systems of government Aristotle
Question 3
The Roman Philosopher Cicero was one of the first to articulate the idea of: Natural Law
Question 4
In his book The City of God, _____________ argued that there was a sphere of human existence that was not subject to the government of men. St. Augustine
Question 5
According to Machiavelli, whatever a ruler had to do to accomplish his primary goal was Moral
Question 6
This “big ugly monster” was the title of Thomas Hobbes book on government. Leviathan
Question 7

Hobbes believed that the power of the sovereign should be:
Question 8
According to Hobbes, this was the origin of government:
Social Contract
Question 9
Hobbes believed government was created to improve the state of nature by establishing: Order & Stability
Question 10
Locke expanded the concept of _________.
Question 11
According to Locke, these existed before government, not because of government: Property Rights
Question 12
Locke wrote that the purpose of government was to protect _______. Liberty

Question 13
Locke believed one of the best protections against tyranny was the separation of ______. Powers
Question 14
This writer believed the people had a right, and sometimes an obligation to alter their government. John Locke

Question 15
According to the Declaration, it was outlining certain ________ about the rights of man and the purpose of government. Truth

Question 16
The writers of the Declaration of Independence asserted that individual rights are: Unalienable
Question 17
When the writers of the Declaration of Independence stated that the people are "endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights...", they were establishing the idea that: Individual liberties were not granted by governments but existed outside of government Question 18

According to the writers of the Declaration of Independence, governments are created to: Secure individual rights
Question 19
The Declaration asserts that a government’s “just powers” are derived from the consent of: The governed
Question 20
If a government does not protect individual rights, the Declaration states it is the right of the ________ to change it. People
Question 21
The signers of the Declaration identified themselves as ________________ of the United States. Representatives
Question 22
Which of the following is one of the powers the Declaration stated now belonged to the colonies? a) Levying War b) Making Alliances
c) Establishing Commerce d) All of the Above Question 23
The purpose of the Declaration of Independence was to explain:
 Why the Colonies decided to separate from Great Britain
Question 24
The principal author of the Declaration of Independence was: Thomas Jefferson
Question 25
At its most basic function, government is a:
Decision making device

Quiz 2
Question 1
This is a document that establishes the basic rules and procedures for a government. Constitution

Question 2
Prior to creating the U.S. Constitution, the United States was governed by the: Articles of Confederation
Question 3
This plan would have created a national government that gave the balance of power to the most populous states. Virginia
Question 4
This Plan would have created a national government that gave the balance of power to the least populous states. New Jersey
Question 5
This compromise paved the way for our current Congress which consists of two chambers. Connecticut
Question 6
The three-fifths compromise allowed states to count three-fifths of these individuals towards representation in Congress. Slaves

Question 7
Article I of the Constitution creates the __________ branch of government...
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