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Company Bio – Who is Nurse, Nurse! Media?

Your campaign and career is on life support, but before you pull the plug, you may want to stop and consider what we have to offer.

No, we aren’t medical professionals. We are marketing professionals. No, we can’t help you pick out a plot in a nice and sunny location, but we can help get you back on solid ground. Your message is failing and so is the health of your campaign. Give it up – it’s time to call the Nurse.

Who We Are and What We Do

We’re a marketing company like no other – first responders on the scene of your campaign’s biggest crime – not calling us in the first place. We’re hired to save you, so never fear – Nurse, Nurse! Media is glad to be here!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the leading provider of career-saving strategic marketing and planning. We’ll be there when you need us most, guaranteed!

Our Professional Staff

Daphne Little, M.D. – Marketing Director
First Responder, Strategic Planner
Specialty – College Student Voter Analyst
Key Role: Author of Romney Campaign proposal, researched college student voters

Danielle Berrian, P.A. – PowerPoint Administrator
First Responder, PowerPoint Guru
Specialty – Undecided Voter Analyst
Key Role: Designed PowerPoint presentation, researched undecided voters

Tim Hughes, R.N. – Research & Narrative
First Responder, Senior Researcher
Specialty – Senior Voter Analyst
Key Role: Conducted in-depth research about senior voters

Jose Alfaro, R.N. – Research & Narrative
First Responder, Senior Researcher
Specialty – Middle-Aged Voter Analyst
Key Role: Conducted in-depth research about middle-aged voters

Summary, Key Markets, & SWOT Analysis


All Americans, whether privileged or not, need your support to face these trying times as much as Mitt Romney needs theirs in order to win the White House. Our highly-trained team can assist you by showing you how to reach several crucial markets (except undecided, see below) and helping you get the message out that Mitt Romney cares about 100% of America.

Key Markets and Groups

College Students & Younger Voters

Middle-Aged Voters

Undecided Voters

Senior Voters

SWOT Analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats


Mitt Romney’s business background
Mitt Romney’s aggressive take-charge attitude


Mitt Romney’s pre-existing condition – Foot in Mouth Disease Failure of the entire campaign to stay on message


Changes in the overall economy – slow recovery presents opportunity to claim credit for it eventually Unanswered questions that have remained throughout Obama’s presidency


Barack Obama’s excellent marketing & campaign strategy Barack Obama’s highly-targeted social media network

Step-by-Step Marketing Blueprint –
What You Need & How We Can Help

Romney and Higher Education/College Students


Romney recognizes that college has become more and more necessary yet unaffordable for many middle and lower class students. We realize that he acknowledges Obama’s efforts in dealing with these issues, yet does not feel his policies have been effective. He has his own view of how he can fix the higher education situation for students, but is your campaign doing its best to get the word out?

Needs of the Romney Campaign:

To reach a wide number of college-aged students and their parents. To reach high school juniors and seniors who know what they’re talking about. To embrace technology and create a tech-savvy campaign designed to engage younger voters. To get the message through to those who may be asking, “What’s in it for me?” To reach unhappy Independent and Democratic students who may have previously voted for Obama. To show students that Romney takes great interest in their education....
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