Happy Day

Topics: Amy Poehler, Television program, Story arc Pages: 2 (292 words) Published: May 14, 2014

Silent TV Show

On Friday February 7th I watched for the first time an episode of parks and recreation, a comedy show starring Amy Poehler on Netflix. The first time watching it around the volume was muted. Originally I thought I would have been able to obtain a general gist of the plot and story line of the show, maybe even have some success reading lips along with body language. After having watched the show one time around completely in silence I had theories on what was going on, and idea of a general story line. From all the clues I gathered, the title of the TV show, the show description of the episode I was able to read, and even little signs within the context of the show I had a faint idea of what may have gone on.

Then directly after having watched it in silence, I re-watched it with the volume. To my surprise, I was able to make out maybe five-percent of what was actually taking place in the show. I was able to verify that I had successfully read about 15 words merely from reading lips. I however had the plot line entirely incorrect and when I tried guessing the relationships between characters I was able to identify one or two dynamics between characters. Watching the show in silence I found to be extremely frustrating, I could feel myself very tempted to even put the volume on very low. Despite my urges, I remained watching in silence and then eagerly watched with the volume. It gave me huge insight to what a deaf person experiences in a hearing world, and I have much more insight from their perspective, and it must be frustrating to say the very least.
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