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Date: 1/23/2014
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Target Group: Men's Fellowship - Faith Series
This group consists of men who have recently converted to Christianity and are now taking the first steps in growing with Christ. The group is mainly comprised of men who have never been to church or who have strong ideas which contradict what the church actually represents. Throughout our meetings, these men get a glimpse into the Gospel of Christ, the truth of Christianity and how to be better men through the example set by Jesus, the disciples and apostles. We begin with an understanding of faith and how to walk through the trials of life using our faith and accountability to each other as Christian men.

Hebrews 11:1-3

2 Corinthians 4:18; Romans 1:20; Ephesians 2:8; Romans 8:24-25 Exegetical Idea:
It is through our faith that we are able to maintain a measure of hope. Our hope, the promise of Christ, rests in our ability to continually look to Him as our strength and purpose. We are saved through our faith and walk in the hope that Christ is with us.

Pedagogical Idea:
In our Christian walk there are times when our world seems to spin out of control. There will be questions that we cannot answer and situations that we cannot understand. In these times, it is our faith in Jesus, our hope in Him, that allows us to move through the pressure and distractions of the world. As we seek to strengthen our relationship with God, our faith will also be strengthened. Through each trial, our faith grows stronger.

Lesson AIM(s)
Cognitive (Head)
Our group members will develop and increase their knowledge of faith through a study of the scriptures above. There will be active discussion on each person's findings, questions and observations each week.

Affective (Heart)
Each group member will pair up with another as an accountability partner. These will be relationships that develop over the course of our semester group and will enable each member to rely on one another as they grow in faith.

Behavioral (Hands)
Each week we will all meet together to talk through our struggles and encourage one another to take extra steps of faith as it relates to our individual situations. Then, each member will come up with an action plan to stretch their faith through outreach, devoted study and prayer time, or through a fast.

1. Video - The Case For Faith - Use the video to stimulate conversation about the struggles of knowing about God and actually knowing God.

2. Question - How has this video changed your outlook on God and your own faith?

3. Question - How would the presentations in this video help you share your faith with friends?

4. Question - Have you ever struggled with any of the questions discussed in the video?

Book:Content Outline

1. What is faith?

2. Where is faith?

3. When is faith?


This will be a lecture on the faith discussed in Hebrews 11, what each person dealt with and how they overcame their situation by relying on God. Explanation will be given through cross-references to other scriptures describing faith.

Group members will report on their own action plan of sharing or strengthening their faith. How did this change their perspective on God? How did this change their faith? What questions, if any, did these actions raise? Find specific passages that relate to their personal struggle of faith.

Group members will be walked through practical means of sharing faith as it pertains to specific situations mentioned in the video "The Case For Faith." This is a final exercise which will highlight Romans 10:17 and help transition us into a discipleship model in a later lesson series. Look:

1. Break the group into two groups. One group will defend their faith, the other will question. 2. Each group will get points on scriptures used, apologetic references...
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