Healthy Growing Church

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I. Introduction

A. Thesis

B. Statement of Points

II. Growing a Healthy Church

A. GHC program

B. A Change in Leadership

III. What is the Purpose of the Church

A. Teaching and Fellowship

B. God’s Word

IV. Why does the Church Exist

A. The gospel

B. Power of God unto salvation

V. Conclusion

I. Introduction

A healthy church growth is directly connected to the effectiveness in helping people grow

as disciples of Christ. It is a major part in the nurturing environment. Therefore, leaders in the

Church of Jesus Christ have the responsibility to create and nourish a healthy group image

among those to whom they minister. Church leaders need to recognize that their group image

will either contribute to or hinder the impact of their ministry. When you increase the health of

the group’s self-image, the people of that group become more eager, receptive, and responsive as

learners. The higher the image people in your ministry have of your church, the more willing

they will be to bring others. A healthy church image is not just the collective experience of

“warm fuzzies.” Rather it is a tangible enthusiasm about the work of God is currently doing and

the work He wants to do in the future. Just as the word enthusiasm literally means, “God in us,” a

healthy church image is built upon His acting presents. Developing the ability to verbalize a

vision to that purpose or a driving passion that God as given to you for your ministry; can be a

powerful tool,. A clearly communicated vision connects purpose with conviction, provide

substance to enthusiasm, and fuels Godly dreaming all of which contribute to a healthy church


The reason we must be a Gospel-proclaiming church, the reason that we must be a Scripture-examining church, the reason we must be alert, unified, and effective, is so that the church might become full-grown.

Statement of Points
II. Growing a Healthy Church
III. What is the Purpose of the Church
IV. Why does the Church Exist

II. Growing a Healthy Church

In my experience, the primacy given to big churches in the GHC program has the

effect of authorizing pastors to grow the church “at all costs”. After all, “What does it matter how

faithful people apparently are, if the church is not getting bigger?” Many leaders in various

positions in church life say that God is primarily interested in faithfulness. I beg to differ with

that theology. I want to communicate that God is equally interested in fruitfulness along with

faithfulness. What we count we value. Accountability is a basic requirement for change and must

be based upon objective measurement. GHC then, is designed to change churches and make

them more numerically “fruitful”. The stark reality of this all consuming priority is that biblical

standards such as “faithfulness” cease to become paramount in church life. In GHC ideology,

faithfulness is important and valued if the faithfulness is producing fruit. If a church has

increased its attendance by 5% and financial contributions are on the rise, it is growing. If it is

growing, it is by definition, healthy. Similarity to secular business models. Such bold references

in GHC to measurable productivity at the expense of faithfulness are not entirely surprising.

A change in church structures, for example, to give the pastor more power there may be a

need to do away with or modify the rules for nominating committees or regular business

meetings. To give the local church more power in relation to the denomination, there may even

be an attempt to establish the local church as a separate incorporated entity. The local church

may adopt its own bylaws and vote to do away with all or some of the Church Manual. Tools

such as the Church Manual are thought to restrain...
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