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Research Paper on Hebrews
Christian Scriptures 1310-17 MW
9 October 2013

Religion 1310
9 October 2013
Hebrews, often referred to as “The Epistle of Paul to the Hebrews”, is a sermon-like text that encourages the audience to retain confidence in their faith in Jesus Christ. The author stresses the importance of understanding that Jesus Christ is supreme to all others and is the only way to salvation and to continue the pursuit of holiness.

The book of Hebrews can “be divided into three main sections” (Keathley 134). The first section reminds the audience that Jesus Christ is “the reflection” and “imprint” (Hebrews 1:3) of God, and explores the word of God that was revealed through the teachings of Jesus Christ. The author urges the audience to pay attention to the messages of the angels regarding the necessity of salvation. It is declared in Hebrews that since Jesus Christ is the only way to wipe away transgressions or disobedience, he deserves devotion and praise. The second section argues that Jesus is the eternal high priest. According to the text, Christ was appointed an eternal priest by God. Even though Jesus “was not from a priestly line of Aaron…his personal sacrifice” counts as a priestly offering (Buchanan 253). The author states that Jesus is superior to angels, Moses, and other Israelite priests and prophets. The final section of Hebrews recounts examples of people remaining faithful, like Abraham and Sarah waiting for a child. Chapter 13 goes on to summarize the book and offers advice on maintaining faith. Throughout the book of Hebrews, four major themes are presented: The superiority of Christ, the sacrificial work of Christ, the need to follow Christ faithfully, and the definition of Christian living. It can be inferred that the author believes that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation because he continually stresses to his audience that Christ is superior to all others. The...

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