Herman Bavinck on Creation

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Matthew Van Swol
October 31, 2013
Dr. Bill Dennison
Doctrine I
Herman Bavinck on Creation
God’s creation of the world is one of the most argued topics in Christian circles. With the theory of evolution seemingly challenging the Bible’s authority, it is no wonder that many different theologians have their different takes on how to “interpret” the Creation story. Herman Bavinck, a dutch reformed theologian, believed that the Creation was a historical story because it laid the foundation for Christian religion.

At the foremost of Christianity is the idea of a relationship between the God-head and man. Bavinck sees the creation of man in the image of God as the single most important event in all of creation. “As the gospel is about God bringing his creation by grace to the completion of its original aim, so the centrepiece and linchpin of that gospel is the bringing of man, created to be God’s viceregent, to fulfill his original aim.” Bavinck articulates that the Creation of man in the image of God is essential, not only to Creation, but to redemptive history.

In light of God’s Creation of man as the cornerstone of his creative act, creation of the natural world itself is also an essential part of the Christian’s story. Bavinck believes that “the creation of all things by the Word of God is the explanation of all knowing.” In short, without creation by the Word of God, we would not be able to understand anything at all, let alone the mysteries of God and the Gospel. This act of God by creating an intelligible universe, and intelligent beings is only because of his grace bestowed upon humanity. Creation simultaneously allows us to peep into the image of God, and understand the mystery of the Gospel, into which even angels long to look.

At the core of Creation is the relationship between the created being, man, and the created order. Bavinck believes that both the created order (nature) and the created being (man) play inseparable roles in redemptive...
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