Historical Foundations

Topics: New Testament, Christianity, Old Testament Pages: 3 (765 words) Published: June 27, 2013
A Reflection paper on Historical Foundations

Date: 25.6.2013Name: Nwe Ni Tun (M.Div-I)

Historical Foundations play very important and basic part of Christian religious education. In investigating historical foundations, educators are forced to consider aspects of education which are more subject to change and various contingencies in different times and places. Through these situations, I will reflect on dealing with the challenges of educational ministries, Christians can discern lessons from the past that provide insights for current and future needs.

History focuses upon a concrete and living reality with a constantly changing and developing character while the historical method in a narrow sense centers upon a pursuit of truth based on careful investigation and cross-examination of documentary evidence. History cannot serve as a search for quick and easy solutions to present and future problems. History does not disclose particular and concrete answers for the dilemmas in the field of education. Rather, history provides an awareness of both the possibilities and complexities of education. It also helps persons to discern the continuity or carryover of the past into the present and future along with points of discontinuity. Even beyond points of continuity, history serves to outline points of discontinuity with the past. In addition to stimulating the awareness of continuities and discontinuities, history can broaden understanding beyond a limited focus upon the past and provide inspiration for current and projected educational efforts.

The Christian educator can view the accounts of former efforts in Christian education as providing key insights and lessons. In response to such lessons, educators can take a stance of affirmation and/or criticism in light of both the liberating and oppressive effects of past efforts. Thus the past serves as an ever present tutor for present and future Christian education. Christian educators have the...
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