History 1302

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Phuong Van
History 1302
November 12, 2013
Oral History and Presentation

My Mom Immigration from Vietnam to United States

I think I’m luckier than my brothers and sisters because I am a legal immigrant to the United States. My brothers and my sisters had to go through hardships to be to get to the U.S. My name is Phuong Van. I was born in Can Tho, which is a small city in Vietnam. I’m the youngest of eight brothers and sisters in my family. I have five brothers and three sisters. My oldest brother is fifty one years old and I’m the youngest. I’m twenty six years old. Even though we have a big family, my mom has raised us up all by herself, because my father wasn’t with us most of his life. She always told us her life story and her experience in Vietnam. I was too young then to understand what she went through for her family at the time, but as I got older, I started to understand the hardship and struggle that she had to go through for her family to survive during those poor times. She lived through the terrible and long Vietnam War and her story is very interesting and exciting to hear. My mom has always wanted a better life for herself and her family. She hates the culture and the injustice for woman in Vietnam. She has always wanted to immigrate to America, because she heard some people told they can get a good life in American after they immigrate there. They can get good benefit, make more money, get a lot of freedom and women get more respect in America. That all reason makes my mom want to come there. My mom wanted a better life not only for herself but also for her kids too. She also wanted gives them a brighter future and greater opportunity. She always tries her best to protect her children. My mother has always sacrificed her life for her children’s. She’s has always stand behind me and support me when I am doing something wrong or chose the wrong choice in life. She is the greatest woman I know. Thanks God for giving me a superb mother. I will always love her and she is the most important person to me in my life. I wish to share her story to everyone. My mom name is Chinh Van. She was born in nineteen-forty two and lives in Vietnam for almost sixty years of her life. She was born in a small village, which was four hours away from the capital of Saigon. She has two brothers and sister. They all lived together in a very small house like a hut. The huts look like a one bedroom apartment with no door. It was made of leaves from a tree and straw from the field. They did not sleep on the mattress as we have today; they sleep on a bed made ​​of bamboo or wooden. Her family was very poor and they did farming for a living. They farm wheat and rice in the field. . They were so poor that she did not get a full education; therefore she left school when she was fifteen years old. Since the family was so poor, she started working early and helps out with the little family business. They had a pig and pork butcher shop, which sold meat for very cheap back in those days. My mom was young when she met my father and got marry at the age of eighteen. She was too young to get marry and that made her life harder. She thought after she got married to my father, everything would change and her life would be better, but she was wrong. He also came from a poor family and everything was worse because he did nothing for a living. All he did all days was get drunk and became lazy around the house. Sometimes he beat my mom when he was drunk. My mom wanted leave him alone but she can’t when she thinking about her children. She was so disappointed with him, but she couldn’t do anything about it, because he was the man of the house. Most Women in Vietnam doesn’t have a full education, they had to find a job to help the man raise a family. She always hopes one day my dad would change somewhere in the future. After a few years of marriage, they had eight children...
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