History of Likuni CCAP

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Reformed Church in America, Primary education Pages: 3 (1089 words) Published: February 21, 2014
The History of My Local Church
In the warm heart of Africa, at the capital city of Malawi, lies my local Church, Likuni CCAP. Surrounded by a beautiful red crimson brick fence, trimmed green grass, orderly placed trees, makes it a place of delight in the neighborhood. If by chance, one walks in at night, the electric lights with the quietness of the place make it look quite extraordinary. All this has led many to think that it is a good place to come to relax and feel better. Because of the spaciousness of the place various activities are done there. Its white color makes it eye-catching and many have been impressed by it but it did not start out this way in 1969. It was born out of a prayer meeting. People from surrounding areas used to come together to pray at a certain place. This prayer gathering was run by Lilongwe CCAP. They met at a primary school called Likuni Boys Primary School. Never would have there been a prayer gathering at the school had it not been that some of the people who came to the prayer meetings were not from the school. This however did not signify that their being there was going to be a smooth one, it had rough times. They could only meet only when the students of the place were present but not after they went back to their respective homes. When God says yes, nobody can say no, during the time when the students were not around they found a Chisale tree were they continued the work of God. In 1971, something happened. God moved them from one glory to another, from a classroom to another place called Photi by the local people. There was a first church elder and his name was Mr. Msenza. Because many people kept coming and the membership increased, they wanted it to be a mission station. This could not happen because the land at Photi was way too small to accommodate such a big project of a mission station. God could not allow His vision for the people at Likuni to be rendered unattainable. God used Traditional Authority Malili to...
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