Homeless Veterans

Topics: Homelessness, Vietnam War, Posttraumatic stress disorder Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Homeless Veterans


Carrie Hitchcock

Advanced Language Arts

Mrs. Hamilton

January 21st, 2012

Approximately 45% of the homeless served by missions all across America are interpolated of the United States (U.S.) are old soldiers of the United States military. Over 200,000 veterans squandered somewhat of an apportionment part of the year living in the streets. Why is there such an abundant amount? How multitudinously are consisted of the numbers of veterans that are out there on the thoroughfare? By what means did warhorses manage to end up homeless plus out on the boulevards? There are considerable contributing factors as to why shellbacks are homeless. The statics for what and who veterans are and what they need are, “23% of the homeless population are veterans, 33% of the male homeless population are veterans.” There are “47% served Vietnam-era,17% served post-Vietnam,” This represents that there are more vets that have served in the Vietnam war, that are homeless then soldiers in post-Vietnam wars afterwards. “67% served three or more years,33% were stationed in war zone,25% have used VA homeless services,85% completed high school, or got their General Educational Development (GED), compared to 56% of non-veterans, 89% received an honorable discharge, 79% reside in central cities,16% reside in suburban areas,5% reside in rural areas,76% experience alcohol, drug or mental health problems,46% are white males, compared to 34% of non-veterans,46% are age 45 or older, compared to 20% non-veterans." ~Homeless Vets, 1970s and 1980s. ~ There are numerous reasonableness as to why vast magnitudes of G.I.’s have found themselves unhoused. Some inconsiderable reasons for why some old salts cannot find employment is, prior to when they served in the military they had no schooling past a high school graduation. Aside from the lack of education some employers decide to form opinions to not hire ex-military soldiers for reasons such as, they may have some...

Cited: http://sites.google.com/a/op97.org/5thhistory/original/homeless-vets-1970
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