Hong Kong Tv Culture

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How did the Hong Kong TV watching culture change from 1980 to 2010

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This topic has a great relationship between our daily life. Our live in an area surrounding by a lot of media. Although a television is only an electronic technology product, carries a rich cultural imagination. Up to nowadays the electronic media is still the highest penetration of the medium. The television is almost an integral part in the modern home now. Radio communication of images, sounds, has become an environment of our home for months and years.

This environment has provided a direct, simple way for our community every day, talking about the TV programmes to make a "cordial conversation", it become an important element of popular culture. Over the past twenty years, televisions broadcasting in the unique social context have shaped our unique local culture.

Some people said that ‘TV is dead’, it has lost the popular culture of the eighties. But the lost of the popular culture of eighties does not mean that the TV is dead. For these ten years there were many political and social conflicts, it accelerated the growth of local civil society unexpectedly, and had developed the demand for universal suffrage, protest collusion, support conservation and sustainable development of different fronts. In the new situation of social development, the TV is not only "not dead", there may be more signs of new life into another culture war.

Background Information
Watching TV is the most popular method of amusement in Hong Kong, but this phenomenon has change in this few years. Years ago people are still tracing the TV programmes every night and enjoy watching TV when having dinner, people said they can「電視餸飯」, but the most popular method of amusement seem to replaced by using the internet.

Besides, the habit of Hongkongers changed also the programme type has changed too. Before, the main themes of the programmes are mainly about families, relationships, etc., the stories are usually very warm and people love to watch them. But this trend has been changed, most of the themes of the programme is about divorce and dispute the family property.

From post-war to mid-eighties, Hong Kong has separate from China for a period, the isolation of culture occur, the new generation of Hong Kong, the colonial government non-intervention, as well as 70 television and 80 years of strong economy, let the Television of Hong Kong became Hong Kong's major cultural resources. It absorbed the culture of the west, and transformed the traditional Chinese character. It has built up the unique local culture of Hong Kong.

But since the mid-eighties, the situation has changed because of the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s television culture has included in the China’s development trajectory, the population differentiate rapidly, it cause the lost of audience of TV programmes. The strong economy of television has turndown, and the competition of local television is too large and it is difficult to get profit as the television rating is slipping.

There are many reasons for the decline rating of television. Some people believe that the television viewers have lost freshness, as the market is lack of competition led to lower the quality of the programmes. Also...

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