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The word "vote" leads to many numerous reactions from people. Some become argumentative and begin to reveal their opinions on different political conflicts while others attempt to avoid the topic at all times. Many Americans do not follow politics closely and vote for parties that are aligned with the social groups to which they belong. People also vote based off their perceived judgments made about the incumbent parties’ previous actions or the situations that occurred during their period in office. Policy choice is another factor that influences vote choice as well. A more directly affecting factor on established voters is their party identification, or their psychological connection to a political party—not just affiliation with a certain political ideology or opinion. Generally, citizens are more likely to learn party affiliation from family in their childhood, as well as the political background during which a citizen grows older. Party identification is necessary because political parties act as a filter through which reliable information passes to members. It also motivates affiliates to vote, and is a very honest predictor for how citizens will vote. Almost all Democrats and Republicans vote for their particular parties in most presidential elections.

Campaigns try to develop an image for their candidate. Candidate images include the background, experiences, and personal qualities of people running for elected office. Voters expect the president to possess leadership skills and to be truthful as well. However, images are easiest to portray early in a campaign when many people may not know much about a candidate. The public approval of a candidate's image tends to rely on the media’s presentment. Usually, voters will make decisions about which candidate to vote for based on their perception of a particular candidate's personality, leadership qualities, or family values. Certain voters will also make choices based on specific policy choices, and...
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