How Could Americans Be Expected To Vote?

Topics: Election, Voter turnout, Voting Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: November 22, 2013

How Could Americans Be Expected To Vote?
Due to recent studies the United States has been uncovered in having one of the best voter satisfaction rates in the world. However, the United States has one of the lowest voter turnout rates. In countries such as Australia there are penalties for citizens who do not vote and have a low voter satisfaction rate. America does not deserve the punishment of compulsory voting as it does not improve government climate, non-voters tend to be uneducated politically, and compulsory voting requires a data base.

Italy practices compulsory voting and has one of the lowest voter satisfaction rates in the world. Due to uneducated voter’s involuntarily voting, the educated voters are forced to live in consequence of this. The government’s climate does not improve due to the façade the government tries to put on that the people are supportive of mandatory voting. “Government cannot paste a happy face on a political system and hope that people are smiling inside” (Vote. Or Else!).

Not only would the government be putting on a façade but the non-voters are also uninformed. Statistics show that in 2008 the people with less than a H.S. Diploma only had a 39.4 percent voter turnout rate while people with post-graduate education had an 82.4 percent voter turnout rate (United States Elections Project). The citizens with less education do not vote not because they do not care, but because they are uneducated in the matter. When an uneducated person casts a vote, it cancels the educated person’s votes. The voter is not only hurting themselves, but hurting others as well. “You might as well urge the unpracticed to use power tools or Rollerblade simultaneously. At least they’d injure only themselves” (Must You Vote?).

The United States is currently in $ 1 7, 2 0 5, 8 9 9, 3 3 3, 7 9 9.4 8 of debt. Mandatory voting would also require a database which would take more money than the US has. Unless The US is look into become a few more...
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