How Could the Uk Political System Be Made More Democratic

Topics: Elections, Democracy, Voting Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: November 21, 2011

“…our democratic system isn’t working…public faith in our politicians institutions are draining away and being replaced by a progressive and debilitating alienation.” (David Cameron May 2006)

The UK political system has often been criticized on it level of democracy. However, there are methods or institutes that could be adopted to make the political system more democratic in nature.

Firstly, referendums give people more of a say and gets the opinion of the wider public. Since democracy is rule by and for the people, referendums show teamwork thus removing a gulf between the people and the government. An example of this is the referendum of May 2011 regarding the suggested change in the current form of voting. This is from the first past the post method of voting to the AV method of voting. However, with the use of referendums hasty and uneducated decisions and due to referendums only providing a snap shot of public opinion at a specific time they are an unreliable guide to public interest.

Secondly, initiatives would also make for a more democratic political system. Because initiatives are called by the citizens themselves, it is believed that they therefore truly represent the views of the public. For example, In Switzerland if 1%of the public sign up to a proposal within an eighteen month period the proposal is put to public vote and if passed becomes a law. However, initiatives are subject to emotions (as opposed to real ground judgement) and tabloid campaigns thus it could be taken that they are hasty and selfish motives.

Thirdly, election of the second chamber of government would allow the public to pick those in that chamber given them a voice. For example, The House Of Lords. However, an elected house of lords would actually hinder the democratic process because a government with a majority in both houses would effectively become an "elective dictatorship", and it is pointless...
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