How Democratic Is the United States?

Topics: Democracy, President of the United States, Elections Pages: 3 (1148 words) Published: December 6, 2012
How democratic is the United States?
People say they want to become U.S. citizens because of the all the rights they are given, the freedom they are offered and the democratic system we have. It is true that the United States does give you many rights once you become a citizen but if you research you will find out how undemocratic the United States truly is. The president of the United States can withhold information using executive privilege, not everyone residing in the United States can vote and electoral college is how we choose who we want to be the president and vice president. These are just the topics that will be discussed on why the United States isn’t a full democracy like Robert Dahl describes in his book, On Democracy. In Robert Dahl’s, On Democracy, he mentions five criteria’s necessary for democracy. One of them is enlightened understanding. Enlightened understanding members of society should have access to all information to be able to make decisions. Well executive privilege hinders enlightened understanding in the United States. Executive privilege is the power claimed by the president or any member of the executive branch where they refuse to give up documents related to an important situation like a court testimony to the legislative and judicial branches of the government. Executive privilege can only be claimed where that branch national security is concerned. Executive privilege is a huge amount of power given to the executive branch that should not be taken lightly. If the information being asked for does not concern the president then why should it be withheld? The executive branch uses executive privilege to hide behind every time something questionable happens even if no security issues are involved. They deserve to know what happened. An example of this would be when Obama withheld certain department of justice documents related to operation fast and furious. The executive branch has nothing to do with the guns being trafficked to...
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