How Did the Vietnam War End

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No domino effect
The americans were involved in the war in the first place was to stop the domino theory and to prevent vietnam from becoming communist. The war went on for many years and in the end, vietnam still became communist. Unpopular for presidents

President of American Nixon became very unpopular because of the Vietnam war. A lot of american soldiers were drafted and dragged into the war. American civilians also saw what the American soldiers did to the vietnamese civilians. No press censorship

The American war in Vietnam grew increasingly unpopular as it progressed. One of the reasons was because there was a lack of press censorship. The pictures of dreadful things were seen on the newspaper, TV shows......etc. Many people saw it and this lead to protests. Protests

The lack of press censorship and conscription had a huge impact to the war. Protests began in about 1964 and continued through to the 1970s. This shows a protest at Kent State University because many students were killed by government troops. Length of War

The war started in 1945 and ended in 1975. The US started to send financial and military support to the French forces in Vietnam starting from 1950. In 1961 the US had military advisors in Vietnam. The length of war was just too long. American War of Occupation

Some people, particularly anti-war protesters, saw the Vietnam War as an American war of occupation. The war was a Vietnamese civil war, which the American’s became involved in to “stop communism”. Bad Tactics

United States used a bombing operation called Operation Rolling Thunder. The US dropped about 1 million 6 hundred thousand tons of bombs which were 1 hundred thousand tons more bombs that were used in World War 2 by the US. It was used to cut off communist supply lines. It failed because it didn’t hit the enemy hard in the right places and also the vietnamese were able to repair damage quickly. Many dead or injured.

During the war 58,123 US soldiers, 200,000 south...
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