How Did the Vietnamese Society Affected After the War with American Had Ended in 1975?

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How did the Vietnamese society affected after the war with American had ended in 1975?


In Vietnam history, the country has been mixed with many wars but the one that has been recognize the most is probably the war against American. Many others countries paid attentions to the situation in Vietnam during the war. Because of advanced media, it allows television to broadcast war images internationally. As a consequence, the war in Vietnam became the first war that was being watch by the world.

Before the arrival of American, Vietnam was a colonial country of France. The Vietnam was government was under controlled France. Until Ho chi minh, Vietnamese revolutioner form a communist party or to fight against France occupation in Vietnam. This led to a division of the country into Northern and southern part, the Vietnamese communist party and the American respectively

American was an ally of France and supported South Vietnam to fight the communist. The American became fully engaged in the war after French surrender and withdraw from Vietnam in 1954. After decades of fighting the war has come to an end on 30 April 1975. Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam was taken over my Northern communist forces.


After the war has finished in 1975, Vietnam, especially the government, was proud that they could defeat the most powerful country in the world like America. Vietnam could finally gain their victory after decades of war and gained their independence. Although Vietnam won the war, but there is still sad and miserable memory left behind.

Many lives of Vietnamese had been taken during the war both soldiers and innocent people. Approximately more than 3.8 millions (1) Vietnamese were killed during the war. It is an enormous figures if it is being compared to 58,193 soldiers lost from American force(2). In many ordinary Vietnamese views on this the war it would be remember as a lost for them more than a proud moment of their nation. Even it is worldwide known as Vietnam War against American. But in fact most of the army forces that fight for American were mostly Southern Vietnamese. Only a minority that is American troops. This civil war was a very sad story that same nationality, same blood had to fight and killed each other.

This war left Vietnam with nearly a million of people made homeless and one-eight of population injured by the war (3). The number of people who died and injured did not stop even the war has already finish. This is due to the unexploded mines and war traps that was plant around the war fields. Innocent people came across those traps would be injured or got killed, particularly farmers who worked in rural area.

In contrast to large and increasing number of injured people, Vietnam faced a lag of healthcare service after the war in 1975. The reason for this is that many of the doctors in South Vietnam were foreigners. As the communist took over most foreigner has to escape from the country. This led to a lag of doctors. Moreover, medicine become under resources as well from the larger demands. It is difficult for government to remove all of the mines. Not until 1993, after relation reform with American, 40 millions dollar aid was given to Vietnam for assist the survivor of the landmines accident and provide equipment for bomb and mine disposal.


After the war has end in 1975, it was a time when Vietnam was left with confusions. The culture and identity of nation was torn apart. This is implied especially for Southern population who was scared of the communist government reunite policy. As Southern Vietnamese used to be under American control, they were largely influence by American culture and life style. People in city like Saigon was working for Vietnam or even have build family with American soldier. After the fall of Saigon in 30 April these people was left under pressure and scare of communist army would punish them. This...

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