How Do Americans Determine Their Reasons to Vote

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Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of Americans basing their vote on the 4 ways of knowing (perception, reason, language & emotion) in the upcoming presidential election

The United States of America is the world’s largest democracy. Every four years they hold presidential elections in which the public is to determine by vote who wins. The American people through decision and judgment cast out there vote to who they believe is the best person to lead their country. They must base their decision on what they see through media reports on television, newspapers and what they hear on the radio and from fellow citizens. The decision in the end is made through the influences of the 4 ways of knowing: emotion, language, perception and reason. Emotion is a key way of knowing as it forms the ground base for weather they like the candidate or not. Language and reason form the base of the decision as they convey the aims of each candidate through the reasons they give and the language they use to present those reasons. They perceive how the candidates take action in their campaign and in the debates to guide themselves to what they think is the right decision.

Reasoning is a process we go through everyday. We reason weather we chose to eat an apple rather than a banana or if we should take the bus or walk. During the elections the American people seek reasoning on both sides: from themselves and from the candidates. The candidates for the election, Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama both interpret as much reasoning behind each argument to make it seem as realistic and achievable to the people. The voters apply reasoning to the arguments and plans put forward by the candidates to see which one seems to be most beneficial for their own interest as well as the interest of their families and that of the American population. In the first presidential debate, Mitt Romney was a key figure and was according to most Americans the dominant figure in the debate. He...

Bibliography: President Barack Obama 1st and 2nd Presidential debate October 2012
Governor Mitt Romney 1st and 2nd Presidential debate October 2012
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